Bâtiment Ovale

An oval shaped two-storey bungalow located on top of the hill. Bâtiment Ovale, with its 360 degree views and a constant breeze coming in from the sea, will make you feel like you are staying in a watchtower.

This villa is made from clay built on a foundation of black basalt, with surprising, curved wooden walls. An extra outdoor kitchen and a separate guest room have been added in two separate pavilions within walking distance.


Ample terrace space

Bâtiment Ovale is equiped with 2 double bedroomsand a shared bathroom, which accommodates for 3 to 4 guests.

This villa comes with 2 terraces (with a combined floor space of around 80m²), plus a large roof terrace. There is a kitchen and lounge area downstairs.

General Amenities

The kitchen on the ground floor of Bâtiment Ovale is equiped with:

• cooking amenities
• mineral water
• fridge
• coffee machine
• water kettle

A fully stocked fridge (fruits, muesli, yoghurt, milk, eggs, cheese, beer) can be arranged at a minimum of 24 hours notice, and is subject to availability.

We also offer a Senegalese warm lunch (Tiep bou Dienne / Yassa Poulet), served daily around 1pm. Reservation required and at additional cost.

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Extra pavilions

Approximately fifty meters from the villa is another sheltered terrace, which can be used as an outdoor kitchen. Next to it, a Balinese style pavilion functions as an extra guest room for the residents of Bâtiment Ovale.

Available at Reception

• Fotocopy, scan/print facilities
• Shuttle service to nearby destinations (airport, Dakar, Diam Niadio)
• Luggage drop off
• Bicycles
• Iron
• Hairdryer
• Laundry service

Available on the Compounds

On site parking is available for all guests.

Hillside & Lakeside compounds are provided with a basic Open Air Gym (professional assistance on request).

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