Despite the impact urbanisation has had on the local landscape, La B Les 2 M is a sanctuary of nature and tranquillity.

It has a large number of special trees such as Bottle Trees (Brachychiton Rupestris) imported from Australia, Madagascar palms (Pachypodium), Moroccan olive trees and blue flowering Jacarandas.

During the serene midday siesta, groups of monkeys come to forage. Many species of birds, among which kingfishers, hornbills and owls, come and go each accompanied by their own unique sounds, and pelicans fly gracefully overhead and on to the sea.

Nearby places
of interest

0.5 km Yenne Tode
1 km Yenne sur Mer
1 km The ocean
7 km Toubab Dialaw
10 km Diam Niadio
20 km International airport
25 km Réserve de Bandia
45 km Thiès
50 km Dakar


Local Markets
and Beaches

The Lebou fishing village of Yène is not set up for tourists. There is however a bakery, some basic grocers and a fish market by the sea. There are long, sandy beaches but no beach bars.

For such hospitality venues you can venture to the artistic village of Toubab Dialaw, which has trendy bars and terraces by the sea.


The Senegalese capital Dakar is 45 minutes away by car, or by train from Diam Niadio. With its restaurants on piers in the sea, French bakeries and brasseries open until midnight, it is the Paris of West Africa.

Thiès and

Thiès, found 35 km inland, is a town with original French colonial architecture in the Quartier du Rail and a large colorful market at the train station.

Some 200km further north, on the border with Mauritania lies the colonial city of Saint-Louis, former capital of Senegal.

Réserve de Bandia

It is possible to go on a safari at Réserve de Bandia, 25 km from La Brousse Les Deux Minarets, on the road to M’bour. Here you can have lunch overlooking a pond of crocodiles.