Terms & Conditions

• Cars should be parked on the designated parking areas.

Well-behaved children are welcome.

• No fires or barbecues are allowed in/around the properties and the compounds.

Trees & plants are solely taken care of by our gardeners. Please do not cut, trim or take any vegetation without written authorisation/consent.

• Excessive noise is prohibited in and around the villas / compounds between 22:00 and 07:00 o’clock.

• Smoking is allowed on compounds, but is prohibited inside the villas.

• The consumption of alcohol is permitted in and around the villas.

• Use, possession or selling of drugs in and around the compounds is strictly prohibited.

• La B Les 2 M is not responsible for any damage to or loss of goods or personal belongings. Personal items can be stored in the safe provided in all villas or at reception.

• La B Les 2 M cannot be held liable for any injury, loss or damage caused by third parties.

• La B Les 2 M cannot be held liable for personal injury to a person on or around the property.

• In case of any (in)direct damages or loss of La B Les 2 M property or goods please contact our reception.

Terms & Conditions

In case of a complaint or concern, please contact the reception or call +221777907979.

You can call reception in the event of an emergency. Other useful numbers, such as health services, local security, etc., will also be communicated to you on site.


Rental Conditions

All houses are rented for a minimum of 3 months. A deposit is required for all stays.