La Brousse
Les Deux Minarets

A fusion of architecture, landscaping and interior design. The result: long term renting as an invigorating experience. Wabi Sabi, à la Sénégalaise.

Unique villas built in a lush landscape of birds and animals

Five villas

The villas are built in a lush landscape full of birds and animals. Each villa with its own unique character and (local) design influences.

Maison Étoile, for instance, resembles the ‘impluvium’ houses of the southern senegalese region La Casamance: all rooms open up to a common terrace and are adjoined by a central open-air courtyard. Le Bunker is a robust two-storey building, partly built into the ground to provide cool accommodation, while Maison Pierres, a spacious single floor villa surrounded by terraces and a Zen garden, ought to make you feel like you are in Palm Springs.

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Wabi Sabi, the Senegalese way

Two compounds

The villas of La Brousse Les Deux Minarets are spread out across two 3 acre compounds, Hillside and Lakeside, located on both sides of Route de Toubab Dialaw, just outside the village of Yenne sur Mer.

They are a short walk from vast white sand beaches, and 7 km from the arty village Toubab Dialaw, known for its ballet schools.

The surrounding areas

Colourful, exhilarating surroundings make La B Les 2 M one of a kind. Experience undeluded Senegalese life on the markets and beaches of small local fishing villages or the pleasant bustle on the streets of metropolis Dakar.

The location

The location

La Brousse Les Deux Minarets is located 50km south-east of Senegal’s capital city Dakar, and 10 km from satellite city Diam Niadio, on route to Toubab Dialaw.

Blaise Diagne International Airport is a 20km car ride away.